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Infographics for Strategy Planning and Execution

For effective results, follow-ups necessitate additional attention and personalization.

Simple Tips for Effective Workplace Follow-Up

Do you want to be able to follow up effectively at work? There are numerous practical ways to do so, including paying attention to the length of the follow-up.

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A set of standards and procedures is key to managing your workflow efficiently.

Secure Your Business Growth with a Set of Standard Work Procedures

From determining your goals to measuring the results, a set of standards and practices will make your path to success easier. So, erase uncertainties and focus on the future.

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Best task assignment strategies

Assign work to your employees more effectively with StrategyX

Poor work assignments can hamper the productivity of your employees. Are you using the right tools to address this?

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Manage recurring tasks to improve business performance

Manage recurring tasks to improve your productivity

Recurring tasks are an essential part of your company's operations and objectives. Managing them properly can boost your productivity and growth.

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Complete Strategy Landscape

The Complete Strategy Landscape

How do you ensure goal completion and accomplishment in your business? A defined framework of strategy and processes will make execution possible.

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What Happens Next in Your Business

How to Tell What Happens Next in Your Business

Every business has a multitude of problems that need solving and issues that need chasing. How do you determine where to focus your energy for maximum success when all your priorities are competing for attention?

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Manage Key Success Factors to Conquer your Goals

How to Manage Key Success Factors to Conquer Your Goals

A success factor is the measure goal. These factors are something an organization or a professional focuses on to understand and move towards their ultimate objective.

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Create SWOT analysis for your business

How to do a SWOT analysis for your business

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This will help you streamline your business processes for maximum productivity and performance.

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Leadership style in line with vision and target

Transactional Leadership Vs Transformational Leadership

Among all the different leadership styles, transactional and transformational are the two that are compared the most. You can pick a leadership style that helps you meet your targets and is in line with your vision.

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Understanding OKR’s  and how to set them

Understanding OKR’s What they are and how to set them

OKR’s is popular goal management method used by companies to implement and achieve their corporate goals. Learn this method can provides your business measurable goals.

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How to develop a great company culture

Develop a Great Company Culture

Although each business has its own dynamics to determine company culture, certain elements are commonly at play in almost every organisation. Tweaking these elements can help you streamline your path to developing a desirable company cultur

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Create SWOT analysis for your business

The Perfect Values Statement

Developing a values statement is critical to your company culture. Think of it as establishing the moral outlook for your business and a reference point for expected behaviours

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Best Practice Client and Investor Pitch Pack Sections

Pitch Pack Storyboard

Many businesses want to raise capital to expand their business. Use this helpful infographic to understand what sections your investor pitch should include.

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Why do or don't people achieve results.

Why Do/Don't We Achieve Results

The bottom line is that until robotic process automation completely takes over producing results for companies, human behaviour will still be the major contributing factor in companies achieving their goals.

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A Roadmap for Planning your Business Strategy

A Road Map to Planning Your Strategy

Planning your business strategy is as easy as understanding your businesses current state, defining the future state, crafting the strategies and developing the actions.

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A Step-by-step guide to setting company goals

A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Company Goals

Whatever the reason you launched your business, you should always be clear on your "why". Clarifying your why and your company goals will ensure your businesses succeeds in the face of adversity.

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StrategyX Value Proposition

StrategyX Value Proposition

At StrategyX our value proposition is to bring affordable, automated, world-class strategy planning and execution to all businesses that helps them achieve their vision, mission and goals.

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How Human Behaviors Change

How Human Behaviours Change

There are factors that categorically change human behaviour. And there are some that will only modify human behaviours.

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Creating  World-Class Mission Statements

Elements of a World-Class Mission Statement

Your mission statement must describe what your business is actually going to do each day that will ultimately lead you to your vision

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10 Tips for a Great Business Plan Outline

10 Tips to Create a Great Business Plan Outline

When writing a business plan there are certain sections you should include. Use this helpful infographic to help you get it done.

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World-class Vision Statement

World-Class Vision Statements

Writing an exceptional vision statement is a challenge. Get it right, and your vision statement will inspire everyone on your team and all your key stakeholders to work together.

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Rocket to Success with Strategy X

Rocketing to Success

It can be hard to visualise the importance of strategic planning and the impact an efficient strategy execution makes to your business. It doesn’t have to be a treacherous road filled with accidents and setbacks! Using StrategyX as your c

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Successfully execute your strategy

Business Structure Engineered for Success

Success in business relies on two things – strategic planning and a plan for how you’re going to implement your strategy. Many businesses conduct strategic planning activities then fail to execute – or chuck the strategic plan in a dr

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A Road Map to Best Practice Strategy Execution

A Road Map to Best Practice Strategy Execution

What does it take to be comfortable and in complete control of your business? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you realize. StrategyX has helped hundreds of leaders from all sizes of businesses exceed their goals by making best-practic

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