Founder & Co-Founder

Our Founder & Co-Founder

StrategyX Founder - Brett Quinn

Founder - Brett Quinn

StrategyX Co-Founder - Brian Marshal

Co-Founder - Brian Marshal

StrategyX is lead by founder Brett Quinn, and cofounder Brian Marshall. Both Brett & Brian have experience working in every size organization from microbusinesses to listed companies. Their passion is to help executives feel comfortable and in control of their business. They thrive by seeing business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and staff experience more of life through additional opportunities a profitable business creates, both on a professional and a personal level.

Brett’s focus is alleviating productivity traps and the painful mistakes most businesses suffer in the agonizing struggle to maintain strategic focus while managing day-to-day operational demands. His experiences in several of his own businesses have made him acutely aware of the difficulties leaders face.

Brian’s focus is to significantly grow the StrategyX global partner and client base by building a scalable, global partner network comprised of some of the best management consultants in the world. StrategyX will enable it’s partners to find great clients, build stronger and deeper relationships with those clients and help them grow their businesses through leveraging a world class strategy planning and execution platform.

The result is StrategyX, a software platform for leaders, partners, entrepreneurs and senior managers looking for a way to achieve better results with less effort so that they can successfully lead their organizations without it taking a personal toll or becoming an all-consuming pursuit.