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The challenge for leaders

Every CEO is responsible for several Key Result Areas (KRAs) of business.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Financial (Economic) Performance
  2. Human Resources
  3. Marketing and Sales
  4. Risk Management
  5. Leadership and Management
  6. Customer Satisfaction and Quality
  7. Social and Environmental Responsibility
  8. Safety and Health

Each of these KRAs has Secondary Result Areas (SRAs) and to be effective in each of these areas, you have to navigate a constantly changing set of priorities and personalities. Each area is equally important to the long-term success of any organization.

Master these KRAs and SRAs within a Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution Framework and you’re on a fast path to success. Have a weakness in even one and you’re in danger of failing, exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and burning through capital.

The real toll leaders face

CEOs are in a constant state of compromise, knowing focus in one area causes conflict in another. You begin to work longer days, you start earlier in the morning, then you steal a little time from your weekend and, before you know it, you’re on a slippery slope to 100-hour weeks. You don’t know what your family even looks like and you’re still not achieving the strategic goals of your business.

That might be fine if it’s your own business. (Okay, we all know it’s not fine). If you’re reporting to a board, you’re faced with another set of problems, namely those five to 10 directors who are expecting greatness from you.

Either way, writing your monthly board report becomes a debilitating exercise in trying to justify your existence. You feel overwhelmed and forget why, on earth, you ever wanted to lead a company. Compounding the challenge for the modern CEO is the unpredictable influence of globalization and the rapid advancement of technology. Executives can no longer anticipate the future with complete certainty, at least not in the way possible during the last century.

The StrategyX Vision and Mission

Here’s what you know for sure. You don’t need a lecture on hard work, or one on how to work smarter. There’s not a self-help book that can put you out of your misery. You can’t exercise, meditate or sleep your way to success.

What you need is a lot less philosophy and a whole lot more execution – and you need it to happen without taking 20 years off the back end of your life.

The most successful CEOs have figured out how to practically manage each area without it taking a toll on their health, their relationships and their professional reputation.

It is possible to feel comfortable and in complete control of your business and still have quality of life.

It is reasonable for you to expect:

StrategyX Vision

Our vision is to see our customers achieve their vision, mission and goals so that business owners, investors and employees can live their lives full of opportunity.

StrategyX Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a platform, the process and the support which enable them to feel comfortable and in control of their business vision, mission and goals at all times.

How this applies to you

StrategyX allows you to execute your vision and goals by addressing the necessary tasks to keep all Key and Secondary Result Areas of your business on track. Once implemented, StrategyX will allow you to know – at any given point in time – exactly how your business is tracking and what needs your attention. Ultimately you will feel comfortable and in control of your business’s vision and goals.

How StrategyX Helps You

You know what you want and where you want to go. Executing your strategic vision is rarely a straightforward process – until now.

StrategyX transforms your strategic vision into an execution model with all the checks and balances needed to keep you on track. In one simple dashboard you capture everything relevant to the critical operation of your business including success factors, risks, tactical projects and any ideas and problems you’re facing.

Next, that vision is converted into a series of interrelated SMART goals, paying special attention to areas of focus, actions required to achieve your goals and any recurring tasks you need to monitor.

From there, StrategyX gives you a variety of dynamic reports to show you what’s working, what needs attention and where you’re going off the rails at any given moment in time. You know exactly the most strategic place to focus your attention. Nothing slips through the cracks.

The same reporting features used to ensure the daily execution of your strategy are also suitable for reporting to your board and stakeholders.

Here’s the best part, help is available every step of the way. StrategyX is easy to set up on your own but you can also enlist the help of experienced consultants who help you through the initial set-up, then check in on a monthly basis to ensure you’re staying on track.