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Benefits & Features

Our Mission & Core Purpose

At StrategyX our mission is to provide all companies with an affordable, automated world-class strategy planning and execution platform that helps businesses achieve their vision, mission and goals so that business owners, investors and employees can live their lives full of opportunity.

Scale and Grow

Scaleable and Growing

Grow without Boundaries

StrategyX allows you to consistently execute against your strategic vision and optimize your ability to grow and scale. The platform focuses on areas related to overall operational efficiency, continual improvement across the organization, processes and systems, and how to get the most out of talented people in your business.

Architected for Execution

Achieve Success with Structured Design

All the guesswork related to achieving strategic goals is removed with StrategyX. Leaders have a structure that is proven to produce results across businesses of all types and sizes. With a single, integrated dashboard, you’ll have clear visibility to know what’s needed at any moment in time to keep operating strategically.

Architected for Execution
Clear Direction

Clear Direction

Translate Your Vision into Action

Our Strategy module facilitates communication and cooperation between departments, eliminating wasted resources by giving succinct and direct information about tasks, priorities and goals. There is no ambiguity about who does what or what needs to happen next. You are assured everyone knows where the company is going and what needs to be done to get there.

Measure, Monitor and Manage in Real Time

Instantly Know If You’re Winning

Scorebords are critical for employee engagement and progress management. The Success Factors module enables you to measure, monitor and manage the critical success factors in real time, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions.

Measure, Monitor and Manage
Superior Engagement

Superior Engagement

Motivate Positive Contributions

StrategyX gives your employees a clear understanding of what needs to be done and helps them determine how they will contribute.

Accountable and Committed

Develop a Collective Approach to Success

Leaders instantly have visibility over who is achieving results and who needs support and coaching. With StrategyX, all employees are held accountable for results through a built-in structure and proven processes.

Accountable and Committed
Performance Managed

Performance Managed

Enable Organizational Competence

Managing performance is simple using StrategyX. You have access to everything you need, from reports providing insight into staff performance through to the discussion framework you use to drive improvement.

Efficient and Effective

Consistently Achieve Results

Efficiency and effectiveness are greatly improved with StrategyX processes that are proven to produce results in businesses of all sizes.

Efficient and Effective
Managed Risk

Managed Risk

Mitigate, Minimize and Manage Threats

The Risk module provides the framework for identifying, monitoring and managing business risk.

Innovating and Improving

Foster Strategic Differentiation

The Ideas and Problems module provides the framework for creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Ideas are captured in a central repository so they can be implemented and problems can be identified for resolution.

Innovating and Improving
Crystal-clear Communication

Crystal-clear Communication

Remove Operational Ambiguity and Reduce Conflict

A failure in communication is one of the biggest risks to business. The StrategyX Communication Tool ensures all verbal and written discussion is aligned to specific issues. This prevents a disjointed understanding of any situation and improves the likelihood of quicker problem resolution.

Highly Productive

Plan and Prioritize for Productivity

Being productive requires using the 8 hours of your workday focusing on what makes the biggest impact on your business. StrategyX ensures you have the tools required to plan and prioritize what matters most. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but what sets successful people apart is how they choose to focus.

Highly Productive
Comfortable and In Control

Comfortable and In Control

Enjoy a Compliant and Confident Workplace

The effective implementation of a strategy is the fastest way to achieve success and generate growth for a business. Moving from a reactive, problem-solving mode of management into a proactive strategy execution mode leads to confident leaders and a healthy business. As the leadership of a company becomes comfortable in how the business is operating, staff morale increases. What was once a negative cycle becomes a highly positive performance model for leadership and staff.


Businesses grow efficiently and fast when your team
is clear on direction, aligned and focused on goals,
engaged, and accountable for results.

Strategy Plan

Your strategic plan is clear

Your entire strategic business plan will be on one page, making it easy for you to see how your business vision, mission and goals will be achieved.

All success factors are monitored

All of the factors (metrics) critical to achieve your goals will be measured, monitored and managed with “at a glance” green and red lights, telling you instantly if you’re on or off track.

Success Factors Monitored
Risk Monitored

Risks are managed

Everything you need to manage and control your business risk is provided. Our risk module complies with international risk standard 31000. Your business will have the best possible chance of success.

Marketing Plan is implemented

You’ll know who your customers are, what they want, and when they want it. You’ll know how to reach them frequently and you’ll be able to measure and monitor the results of your marketing activities.

Marketing Plan Implemented
Tactical Projects Completed

Projects are completed

You’ll have one place to capture, track and manage tactical projects. Your projects will be aligned to your strategic goals, they will be adding value to your business and you’ll have all of the tools to keep them on time and on budget.

Problems are fixed

You’ll have the framework required to capture and solve business problems, ensuring your business is continuously improving.

Problems Fixed
Ideas Implemented

Ideas are implemented

Innovation is the key to your business’s future. You’ll feel comfortable that all ideas are being captured and implemented, with nothing falling through the cracks.

Actions are planned and prioritized

Planning and prioritizing ensures what matters to a business gets done first. You’ll know at any time what the priorities are of the company, each department and each staff member. Prior planning and prioritizing will prevent poor performance.

Actions Planned
Team Focused

Your team is focused

Every member of your team will be aligned and focused on the actions required to achieve your corporate objectives.

Employees are engaged

Your staff will have complete clarity on what’s required of them, allowing them to be engaged and contributing to the overall success of the business.

Employee Engaged
Staff Accountable

Staff are accountable for results

Everything you need to manage a team is provided at a glance, so you know what deadlines are being met and which ones are at risk of slipping.

Your strategy will be executed

The principles and business process required to execute your strategic plan is built into our platform, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.

Strategy Executed
Goals Achieved

Your vision, mission and goals will be achieved

We provide the structure and clarity required to establish, manage and achieve your goals.