Brett Quinn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strategy X, applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy to solving one of the biggest challenges of business — implementing and executing corporate strategy so your organisation achieves its desired results. The way he does it is what sets him apart. Brett has refined the process and developed a technology platform to fulfil the promise of strategy execution in a way that’s sustainable and not reliant on human behavior.

And here’s the best part, Brett’s technology platform takes a proven process, aligns it with your specific business goals and implements it in the most efficient way possible, devoid of the human drama and long hours usually associated with establishing and executing strategic goals. The end result is an organization aligned to a common goal which is working towards a profitable and sustainable future.

Brett’s entire career has been dedicated to providing business leaders with the tools they need to turn vision into reality. Brett harnesses more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive, CEO and Director of both private and public companies, and in every variation from start-up right through to fostering a company to a successful IPO. He specializes in Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution and Operational Effeciency.

Brett has extensive international experience building high-performance management teams, pairing a strong operational background with a long history of executive expertise. He’s worked throughout Australia, Hong Kong, South-East Asia and India in a variety of industries including technology, real estate, mortgage brokering, property management, conveyancing, offshore services, IT support, mining, internet service providers, health, recruitment, training and transport.

In 2017, Brett listed his technology and property business on the Australian Stock Exchange. In 2016, BRW magazine named it Australia’s 8th fastest-growing company. In 2008 Brett was named one of Western Australia’s best business leaders (40Under40 Awards) by the WA Business News for his recruitment and registered training organization.

Today, Brett’s software platform “Strategy X” supported by his consulting services are in demand with executive leadership teams around the world. He shows them how to achieve their goals and experience rapid growth in their companies. Brett’s broad experience has informed his approach to the processes, systems, and technology so vital to every kind of business.

Brett’s passion is to help executives feel comfortable and in control of their business. He thrives by seeing business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and staff experience more of life through additional opportunities a profitable business creates, both on a professional and personal level. He does this by alleviating productivity traps and the painful mistakes most businesses suffer in the agonizing struggle to maintain strategic focus while managing day-to-day operational demands. His experiences in several of his own businesses have made him acutely aware of the difficulties leaders face.

With Brett’s Software Platform “Strategy X” and him as your consulting partner, you benefit from his accumulated expertise and experience — an incredible asset to your company and the goals you want to achieve. Contact him on the below details to talk about what’s needed to make your company grow and how Brett can make that happen for you.

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