StrategyX gives you the clarity you need to produce results. The adage about giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish has never been truer than it is with StrategyX.

The guiding principle behind our software is that effort is just effort if you don’t get results. You can buy platforms. You can make your people use them.

You can try again and again to solve issues in the myriad working parts of your business, but you will often feel like you’re just beating your head against the wall. Why?

It’s because you’re trying to solve the problem with more effort, which leaves you feeling exhausted. Effort alone won’t solve a problem, especially when it’s wasted effort directed at the wrong area.

Businesses have lots of tricky moving parts. The headstones of countless companies in history attest to the challenges of the business world.

If you get too far behind, you may not be able to catch up, or you might run around on a leaking ship trying to plug holes with your fingers, like an old cartoon character.

That image is a good way to describe something that isn’t very funny at all: business management struggles. They can feel overwhelming when the ship is sinking. It might be tempting, then, to look at business strategy software platforms like a lifeboat.

Lifeboats bail you out while the ship sinks, taking all your dreams of successful business ownership with it.

StrategyX is more than that – a lot more.

The StrategyX platform, business process, and expert advice give you the blueprint to build an unsinkable ship. It’s an extension of your business, putting you in control, and giving you the visibility to turn your efforts into results.

Because without results, effort is just effort.

A Stronger Business Platform

Most business strategy software platforms are useful tools but limited in scope. They can serve as repositories to store information and give you a few checklists, notifications, and reports, but any spreadsheet could do the same.

They are not designed to deliver on the fundamental principles that produce results. What a business needs is something that does more than just collate and store information.

A simple repository of information can’t tell you whether your process is actually working. Often when you find out that it’s not working, it’s already too late, and you’ve committed time and resources to a flawed plan.

Worse still, this kind of information can be misleading, masking poor leadership and mismanagement. Underperforming staff continue to underperform without a clear idea of where they are falling short.

Eventually your business starts to look like a dried forest: everything blends together, and it’s just waiting for a spark to burn it all down.

If you want results, you need to ensure the fundamental principles of Strategy Execution (Clarity, Alignment, Scoreboards, Engagement, Accountability) are in place.

With StrategyX, your goals are clearly established and the actions pursuant to those goals are aligned. This clarity allows you to efficiently monitor, measure and manage those goals while keeping your staff engaged and accountable for results.

A Business Process Combined with Principles that Produce Results

Intent and expectations drive the core of every business. The real issue is that many business owners and board members are unclear on how to get from point A (effort) to B (results).

This is where StrategyX comes in. The platform has been developed specifically to provide clarity of business goals and objectives by establishing and presenting your company’s core values and needs.

Every successful business builds upon these values.

StrategyX integrates the strategy execution principles that have been proven to achieve results, highlighting your company’s processes, agendas, checklists, and the necessary mechanisms that are required to execute your strategic plan.

The result is that your business is on track to grow, scale, and ensure your team is not only supported through the whole process, but is also held accountable for achieving results.

The purpose of the StrategyX business process is not to work on “hope” as a strategy or principle. Instead, StrategyX provides business owners with a complete framework and a clear process to hit your goals and achieve results.

In order to achieve objectives, a leader must know where the team is performing its best and, perhaps more so, where the team is performing the worst.

This knowledge helps you design strategies to meet those business needs, turning effort into desired results.

You’re no longer throwing things at the wall to see what sticks; you can see exactly where you need to direct your efforts to address your business’ unique challenges.

Clarity allows you to facilitate greater cooperation between departments, identify underperforming areas, and consistently tackle problems with tailored solutions.

No process or platform compares to StrategyX in its ability to give you clear, organized, and relevant information.

Expert Advice That Helps You Make it Happen

While StrategyX helps you plan and execute your business strategy with greater clarity, rigor, and efficiency than you’ve ever seen before, there may be times when you need expert advice.

Every leader has something to learn, even those who have a broad education. Many leaders don’t know how to establish effective goals, or what metrics should be used to measure those goals.

They may struggle to get their staff engaged, or to hold people accountable for results. In times like these, you need expert advice.

StrategyX members gain exclusive access to industry experts. We can connect you with support across a wide range of industries around the clock.

For example, if you have concerns about risk management, StrategyX can put you in direct contact with risk management experts.

Our own expert teams are always ready to help you set up and execute your business’ unique strategy through the StrategyX platform.

We don’t stop at just giving you the best business platform in the world. We don’t stop after showing you how to implement the best strategy execution process.

And we don’t stop answering your questions about what comes next and showing you a better way to meet your goals. With StrategyX, the only thing that stops are the excuses for a lack of results.

Easy Implementation and Integration

StrategyX is easy to implement with its wealth of training and support tools.

These resources are more than just a sign pointing the way; they will help you develop your own road map and walk you through a process that gives you clear insight into all the working parts of your business.

Unlike other platforms, StrategyX easily integrates into any business strategy and business model. Every step is laid out in an easy to understand and execute format.

StrategyX utilizes a series of incredible technologies and tools to help your business become its best.

Features That Fuel Results Not Efforts

As mentioned above, most business strategy platforms merely act as repositories for a business’ content, scheduling and reporting, but very few actually go the extra mile to ensure a company’s success.

StrategyX was developed to go past the extra mile and help you blow past the finish line to continuous growth and scalability.

·      Live Chat: Whenever a business inside the StrategyX platform needs assistance and is unclear where to start, what direction to take, or how to set the platform up for their particular business needs, StrategyX provides a simple and effective “Live Chat” function that allows you to connect and collaborate with their support staff for guidance.

·      On-Demand Expert Advice: Think you’ve hit a brick wall? Maybe you’re concerned about a certain aspect of your execution strategy or worried about something within your business. The StrategyX Platform On-Demand Expert Advice feature connects you with world-class experts in the relevant field. From strategy professionals to risk management specialists, the platform covers nearly every sector of business with a global reach, and a broad industry knowledge of strategy and execution.

·      Tooltips: Every module of the StrategyX platform contains hover effects known as “Tooltips” that explain what the item or function does.

·      Virtual Tours: Our guided virtual tours take you through each of the program’s sections and features. The detailed explanations help you understand how to use StrategyX to its fullest, and realize your business’ potential.

·      Live Online Training Courses: StrategyX also offers live training courses for an even more interactive, personalized experience. Learn what you need to make the most of StrategyX, from the experts themselves!

·      Video Training Library: Immediately when signing into the StrategyX platform, you are greeted with the option to review video modules that provide a step-by-step walk-through of the entire platform. There’s no need to stumble around and get frustrated. Every resource you need to run, operate, and grow your business is contained within the StrategyX platform. Our resources and content are growing every day.

The Complete Strategy Execution Solution

StrategyX, unlike other business software platforms, is a complete strategy.

Its top-down approach will ensure your business direction is clear, that you can measure, monitor, and manage your goals, and that your staff are engaged and accountable, giving you results you can count on.

If you want to see what it’s like when the platform adapts to you, instead of the other way around, try StrategyX.

Our uniquely powerful and complete strategy execution platform will transform your business. Give your business the StrategyX factor and turn your efforts into results.

To find out more, get in touch to discuss how StrategyX can put you in control of your business so you can exceed your goals.