Inefficiency is the silent killer in business ownership. Oh sure, a warehouse fire, a spilled truck, an unexpected repair charge, contractor disputes: all these things can take up your  attention.

They can be disastrous. But if you’ve planned properly, they don’t have to be. Still, they stick out like a sore thumb.

The more subtle and insidious problem, draining your resources, wasting your time, and slowing or even reversing your business growth, is simple inefficiency. If all the parts of your business are failing to operate as they should, you will struggle.

You’ll lose money on wasted time, or not having enough product—or too much without a demand for it.

Maybe your storage solutions are lacking, requiring more effort to catalogue and acquire your product for customers, or even causing damage to your product.

Or maybe your notices aren’t getting out on time and your people are constantly behind schedule as a result.

Efficiency is one of the most important elements of a successful business, especially as a business grows.

The right tools, like StrategyX, can help greatly increase your efficiency and let you put more of your energy on the stuff that counts, rather than putting out fires.

Information, Organization, Efficiency

You’ve got to plan and prioritize to achieve efficiency. This is all well and good to say, but how do you do it? The answer is information.

Nothing is more important in business; information gives you the building blocks of your business strategy. It gives you clarity, informs your goals, and lets you deal with challenges as they come.

The first aspect is clarity. Inefficiency plagues businesses largely through a lack of clarity. If you don’t know where your money is going, or why your jobs aren’t being completed to specification, you are going to struggle.

If your employees lack the proper training or resources to carry out their work efficiently, you’re not going to save the money you thought you would—rather, it’s bleeding away along with the sales you could have had.

Even a simple matter of not having clearly defined goals can muddy the waters. Without a clear goal, how can you have a clear plan to meet it?

Organizing Your Organization

This is where a tool like StrategyX really shines. There’s a lot of information flowing through your business. If you want to organize your business, StrategyX’s platform is an amazing tool.

You can lay out your business goals, methods and risk factors, and monitor your progress. Knowing where you might be falling short is a great way to plug leaks.

For example, you own a local pizza parlor. While your business has been doing well, you’re finding that profits are below projections this quarter.

This coincides with the hire of a couple of new employees as well as an increase in prices from your usual toppings vendor.

You can check the progress of your employees against your plan and see that they’re not cleaning up until too late in the day, and they’re using too many ingredients for each pizza.

You can also see that the increase in material price is hurting your ability to add new items to your menu.

Now you can draw up a plan to train your employees properly, making sure they focus on cleaning up more frequently and using the right amount of ingredients per pizza. You can also shop around for better deals on your ingredients.

But there are ancillary effects. You notice that you’re spending more than you should on cleaning supplies, because the supplies aren’t very good at meeting the cleaning needs of a pizza parlor.

So you can plan for spending a little more on better cleaning supplies, but your business will gain a boost in the long run.

Engineering Efficiency

The information that StrategyX gives you can change your entire approach. You have a list of your business’ strengths and weaknesses, and the goals you’ve identified for your success.

Reports can show you how you are progressing on those success factors, and how to get back on track when things slip a little.

Managing your risks and the rewards you would gain are important, and StrategyX accounts for this. If you identify the risks to your business goals, and put plans into place to address those risks, you’ll be a lot more flexible in the face of adversity.

Your business thrives on consistency. StrategyX collates a list of the actions you need to meet your goals, helping you to properly assign and prioritize these actions.

You can see what’s being met and what might need changes, and the software gives you detailed reports on every aspect of this process.

StrategyX is expertly engineered to help you gain efficiency in your business.

Communication Made Easy

Much of the efficiency struggles in a business boil down to communication. If you’re improperly communicating your goals, or departments aren’t communicating properly between each other, you’re going to see things bog down.

Tasks don’t get done on time, or are done poorly. Redundant actions waste time and resources. Sometimes, people point the finger at others, or work in isolation without considering the business as a unit.

StrategyX opens lines of communication by prioritizing and organizing everything. It helps you make sure everyone knows what they need to do and when and how they need to do it.

Checklists and recurring task reminders make sure things aren’t missed. If there’s a problem, you know exactly what area it’s in and how to improve it.

This information reduces stress and conflict between departments, promoting a well-organized team effort. Everyone knows their place and can, with the help of our checklists and prioritization features, make sure they are meeting expectations.

Self-Reinforcing Success

A well-organized and well-executed business following a clear plan enters into a cycle of self-reinforcement.

If all the parts of your business are operating efficiently, you’re making more money with less effort spent on simply getting things to work right. Then you can focus on expansion and how you can make it happen.

StrategyX helps there, too, because these new goals become a part of your plan.

And because you’re prioritizing, organizing, and communicating your goals effectively, your operations are better equipped to meet the growing needs of a growing business.

Using a tool like StrategyX is like having a clear road map to your success. With it, you can always find the most efficient route, get to your destination faster, and enjoy the scenery a lot more.

Start organizing for efficiency today, and let StrategyX be your map.

To find out how you can build efficiency into your organization, get in touch. StrategyX can put you in control of your business so you can be confident your energies are dedicated to exceeding your goals.